Project: Cyclone Agra avec spécifications US

Location: Stanley Farms, Vidalia, Georgia, USA Aspiration des poussières et des pelures En collaboration avec notre partenaire américain South Georgia Equipment ( nous avons récemment installé un système d’aspiration avancé chez Stanley Farms, Vidalia Georgia

Project: Entreprise de l'année

Location: Entreprise de l'année 2014 ! De beaux oignons brillants, des bulbes de fleurs propres ou des graines et pommes de terre emballées sans poussière... c'est votre et notre travail !

Project: « 80 % de poussière en moins ! » pour l’entreprise de conditionnement Aaldering Bio-UI

Location: Lieu : Biddinghuizen, Pays-Bas L’entreprise de tri et d’emballage Aaldering utilise depuis plusieurs mois sa nouvelle installation d’aspiration. L’appareil principal est un modèle PGF-500 connecté via un réseau de conduites aux points d’aspiration de poussière principaux.

Project: Visitez-nous à Fruit Logistica

Project: Visitez-nous à Fruit Logistica Location: Pendant Fruit Logistica nous présenterons le plus récent sur la technologie d'extraction. Se il vous plaît nous rendre visite dans le Hall 6.1 / A-07 (cliquez ici pour voir une carte de notre emplacement dans le Hall 6.1). Click here for

Project: Bejo chooses for Jongejans

Location: Warmenhuizen, Netherlands Bejo ( is one of the leading companies in breeding, production, processing and sale of premium quality vegetable seeds and their experience in the seed sector spans more than 100 years. Continuous investment into even better methods of seed

Project: Dealer training

Location: 22 and 23 March Jongejans Dust Collectors organized a dealer meeting, aiming to give our dealers a better view into all the advantages of Jongejans systems. 8 dealers, from various countries were willing to come to Den Helder. For example, our agents from Spain, England, Poland, Denmark

Project: Onion World

Location: USA Strong equipment supplier relationship means succes for Vidalia Onionfarm. Read the entire Onion World article in page flip version:

Project: Oignons propres

Location: Albert eligsen, Peine Allemagne 'Saubere Zwiebeln' : des oignons plus propres avec moins de pelures, voilà ce que voulait l’entreprise Albert Elligsen Landhandel GmbH ( L’exploitation a été crée en 1931 et se trouve dans le pittoresque village de

Project: Jongejans Dust Collectors

Location: Beautiful, shiny onions, splendid flower bulbs or dust-free packaged seeds and potatoes ...  this is your work and our work! By sharing ideas with you on the processing and packaging of your products in as clean a way as possible, our systems can prove

Project: New: Onion windshifting

Location: During the Agritechnica fair we presented our new onion windshifting technique. At falling point(s) in the onion processing line, air is blowen from underneath towards the suction nozzle, located above the conveyor. Result: all skins, husk and dust are extracted! Agritechnica, 12-16

Project: Jongejans opens US establishment

Location: Idaho Jongejans Dust collectors sets foot on American soil With a new establishment in Boise, Idaho, Jongejans Dust collectors will now be able to service customers in the US even better. Sales, distribution, installation and services will be coordinated from this new building with one

Project: Telesis Onion

Location: In order to meet that demand and increase its production of consumer bags, Telesis has purchased a new Volm bagging machine. Along with that, “we have added an aspiration unit to the whole shed to make a cleaner bag, which is new for Telesis onion. Basically, before any onion goes in

Project: Système de tri palette extraction

Système de tri palette extraction