Project: Dealer training


22 and 23 March Jongejans Dust Collectors organized a dealer meeting, aiming to give our dealers a better view into all the advantages of Jongejans systems.

8 dealers, from various countries were willing to come to Den Helder. For example, our agents from Spain, England, Poland, Denmark and Germany were represented.

Together with our contact from Allround VP and our representative for parts of Eastern Europe, it was a mixed and international audience. To present all our products in a clear way, we have compiled a book titled “We care for clean air. The central question was why good extraction is always worth the investment. And, of course, how to communicate this to the client. Then we talked about the installations. With a handy chart you can almost instantly give a good solution. The diagram shows 12 situations and recommended solutions. These are featured in the book with photographs, drawings and technical descriptions. Furthermore, during the training was set out how the capacity of an installation can be determined by approach. Also at which places extraction hoods or a dust-tent can be placed best. And last but not least, the subject ‘waste’ was discussed.

After the first theory-afternoon we toke a tour at our modern factory. Afterwards, there was time for relaxation; we tested the steerage capacity of our participants in kart center Hippolytushoef. We ended the day with a drink and a delicious indoor barbecue.

Day 2 began with some theory, then we got in the car and visited different locations with different Jongejans installations. We saw an Agri-Cyclone at Fa. Van der Vlught, an Agri-Cyclojet at Wijnker and an Agri PGF at potato plant Goudsblom. To conclude, a lunch was eaten on the beach of Callantsoog. Overall a useful and very pleasant meeting. For all participants, on behalf Jongejans Dust Collectors, thanks again for your interest!